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  • Extend Data Lake to your business locations with Dell EMC IsilonSD Edge Storage, SDS for small businesses and remote offices of enterprise companies.
    • Specifications

      • Product Data Sheet

      • Capacity per Instance

        Up to 36 TB 

      • Included Software

        Isilon SmartConnect, SnapshotIQ, SmartQuotas, SmartPools, InsightIQ, SyncIQ, SmartLock, SmartDedupe 

      • Nodes per Instance

        3 to 6 

      • Required Operating System

        Isilon OneFS 8.0 or higher 

      • Included With

        IsilonSD Edge runs an application on VMware ESX. Consult VMware documentation for supported hardware. 

      • vCenter Support

        vCenter 5.5, update 2 or higher 

      • VMware ESX Support

        VMware ESX 5.5, update 2 or higher 

      • Solution For

        Scale-Out Storage 

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        Software-defined Storage 
        NAS Storage 

      • Product

        Isilon Products 

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        IsilonSD Isilon H500 Isilon H400 Isilon Express Storage
      Description Software defined scale-out NAS Hybrid scale-out NAS Hybrid scale-out NAS Scale-out NAS
      Use Case Ideal for file workloads at remote and branch office locations with limited IT resources Enterprise file workloads, file shares, home directories Enterprise file workloads, file shares, home directories Consolidates multiple workloads with multiprotocol support
      Raw Capacity Per Chassis 36TB* 120 TB - 480 TB 120 TB - 480 TB 33TB**
      Throughput Per Chassis N/A 5 GB/s 3 GB/s 1GB/s**
      Storage Type N/A SATA SATA SSD, SATA
      Drives Per Chassis





      SSD Cache Per Chassis N/A 6.4 TB - 25.6 TB 3.2 TB - 25.6 TB 600GB**
      Drive Capacities N/A 2 TB, 4 TB or 8 TB2 TB, 4 TB or 8 TB 1 TB SATA, 200 GB SSD

      * Up to 36 TB per instance

      ** Based on 3-node Isilon X210 cluster

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    • Learn

      Evaluate Deploy and Manage Education
      • Simulator Download: Download the free Isilon OneFS Simulator to experience the interface and administration capabilities of Isilon
      • Isilon Solutions Training: Learn how to administer an Isilon storage cluster. Configure network, physical, and logical layout, basic and advanced server message block (SMB), and network file system (NFS) client access and gain knowledge of FTP and HTTP configurations.
      • Join the Isilon Community to connect with the latest Isilon demos, documentation and discussions (User registration required.)
    • Compatible Products

      Related SoftwareDescription

      Isilon Software - Basic Bundle


      • Isilon SmartConnect - enables client connection load balancing to optimize performance
      • Isilon SnapShotIQ - protects data efficiently with secure, near-instantaneous snapshots while incurring little to no performance overhead
      • Isilon InsightIQ - manage your Isilon storage system with informative performance monitoring and reporting tools
      Isilon Software - Enterprise Advanced Bundle

      Includes everything in Basic Bundle plus:

      • Isilon SmartQuotas - assign and manage quotas that seamlessly partition and thin provision storage into easily managed segments
      • Isilon SyncIQ - replicate data for disaster recovery protection
      • Isilon SmartPools - implement an automated tiered storage strategy to optimize storage resources
      Isilon CloudPools Automatically tier cold or frozen data to a choice of cloud providers
      Isilon SmartLockProtect data against accidental, premature, or malicious alteration or deletion with software-based approach to write once read many (WORM)
      Isilon SmartDedupeReduce storage capacity requirements by up to 35% with data deduplication without sacrificing data protection or management simplicity
      Storage Management and NetworkingDescription
      Dell Networking Ethernet SwitchesConnect heterogeneous and virtualized servers to share storage and provide high-speed access to vital data
    • Services

      Deployment Services
      ProDeploy for EnterpriseIntegrate new technology into existing environments with confidence through extensive planning and validation by expert certified engineers.
      ProDeploy Plus for EnterpriseThe most complete enterprise deployment offer available in the market, ensures you are ready for today and prepared for tomorrow.
      Basic DeploymentConsistent installation of enterprise hardware by experienced technicians. Worry-free installations give you the freedom to focus on your business.
    • Download


    • Dell EMC Isilon H400 NAS Storage

      Combine value, performance, and capacity for a wide range of file workloads with Dell EMC Isilon H400. Consolidate, cut costs, and simplify management.

      • 4 nodes per 4U chassis
      • Stores 120 TB to 720 TB per chassis
      • Up to 3 GB/s throughput per chassis
      • 60 SATA drives per chassis
      • 4 to 8 SSDs per chassis for caching
      learn more
    • Dell EMC Isilon Express Storage

      Lower costs and simplify management of unstructured data with Dell EMC Isilon Express Storage, powered by the industry’s #1 scale-out NAS platform.

      • Solution powered by Isilon X210
      • 33 TB starter configuration
      • Isilon software included
      • Support wide range of workloads
      • Scale capacity, performance easily
      learn more

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